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Tweetza Hut

October 22, 2009

Pizza HutThis week brings another story of a brand using social media to interact with loyal fans. This time: Pizza Hut. This summer, the New York Times highlighted a Pizza Hut “job posting” for a “Twittern” – a summer intern to manage Twitter and other social media. Alexa Robinson of UNC Chapel Hill was selected for the summer post.

Alexa now works for Pizza Hut full-time and the company is trying to determine her official job title. Announced via Tech Crunch and made official on the Pizza Hut newsroom, the general public has been invited to submit suggestions for her title via Twitter. Selected personally by Alexa, the winner will receive free pizza for a year. The suggestions seem to be rolling in, with some traditional ideas like “Twitter Relations Specialist,” “Social Media Specialist,” “Social Media Officer” along with more creative submissions like “Twitter the Hutt,” “Chief Twitteroni,” “Tweetzzahutter.”

Pizza On Your FacePizza Hut is using social media in a variety of ways. Through Twitter, Alexa refers customers with complaints or questions to Pizza Hut’s online feedback forum. There’s also news of promotions on Twitter and Facebook, like “WingStreet,” the current football-themed chicken wing offer. Additioanlly, Pizza Hut is supporting the World Hunger Relief through its online platforms, donating meals for re-tweets or urging consumers to donate as part of their online pizza order. Pizza Hut offers an iPhone order app and an in-Facebook order app (consumers don’t even have to leave Facebook to order a pie).

Pizza Hut appears to have a well-integrated online social media strategy, allowing it to stay top of mind with consumers when it comes down to decide what’s for dinner.

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  1. October 30, 2009 10:21 pm

    I wonder if they were wise or penny-wise, pound foolish to hire someone so young for the job? She may be very familiar with social networking, but perhaps no so familiar with other aspects of marketing.

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