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October 27, 2009

For marketers struggling to identify the most relevant and effective way to interact with consumers online, eMarketer has posted some interesting results from Lightspeed Research’s “Global Web Index.” Not surprising given the current economy, consumers indicated the number one thing they want online from a brand is discount offers. From there, the study reveals that consumers also want brands to facilitate the sharing of information, provide engagement opportunities and offer functionality. Actions like news and analysis, ideas and thinking, and useful online applications rank highest.


Less functional tactics, like sponsorship of sports teams or websites and celebrity associations were seen as least relevant.

Also not surprising, consumers identified word of mouth as the number one source of information in influencing purchase decision. In this case, old fashioned communication with a family member or friend was seen as the most trusted, followed by advice from an expert. Only then do recommendations via social networks come into play.


This data is a helpful reminder that a well thought out plan is paramount in the use of new technologies. It’s not enough just to be online and have “fans” or “followers,” if you’re not doing anything for them. Understand the needs of your consumer, offer a tangible product, build credibility through your actions and enrich the consumer experience online.

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