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Around the World in 140 Seconds

November 14, 2009

Nikon is using Twitter to launch a new promotion, the Nikon Film Festival. As highlighted in AdWeek, the camera company has invited consumers to create and share “a day through your lens” video for the chance to win $100,000. Ashton Kutcher, Nikon spokesperson and Twitter evangelist (with 3.9 million followers), helped kick off the campaign by tweeting the link to his own video of a recent trip to Africa.

NikonVideos must be 140 seconds in length, a nod to the character limit of the media tool used to spread word of the promotion. Nikon has turned to other Twittering celebs to participate, like Rainn Wilson (The Office), Chase Jarvis (professional photographer) and Justine Ezarik (YouTube star), who will also serve as the judges. Nikon will soon launch traditional advertising in support of the promotion. As the contest progresses, finalists will be asked to promote their videos and campaign for votes using social media.

The Nikon Film Festival website has a gallery of submitted videos and a Festival Tweets deck.

According to AdWeek, “Nikon hopes to differentiate itself in the crowded camera market by emphasizing its camera’s ability to shoot high-quality still images and video.”

The central idea of the promotion certainly capitalizes on the popularity of consumer created content and online social media as a vehicle to share and connect. Although I think the promotion could stand on its own without the 140-tie to Twitter and quite frankly without Ashton Kutcher involvement.  (I’ve never understood Nikon’s choice of Kutcher as brand spokesperson.) Otherwise this is a creative and positive opportunity for the camera brand to interact and promote photography with consumers.

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