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Now that’s Cheeps

November 16, 2009

Today, Advertising Age released it’s Top Brands of the Year list. JetBlue joined the ranks, cited particularly for its innovative use of social media. The JetBlue Twitter page has 1.4 million followers, the most of any airline, which serves as a general information resource and consumer support mechanism.

JetBlue also recently launched JetBlueCheeps, a Twitter feed dedicated to communicating last minute flight deals. Posted every Tuesday, Cheeps broadcasts special rates and route offers good until 6 p.m. that evening. The tweets direct consumers to the JetBlue website for purchase. Cheeps has already built 38,000 followers in just three months.

This is a fantastic, yet simple idea. Some of the best uses of Twitter I’ve seen while exploring social media for this blog are like Cheeps – promotional or tactically focused. What’s particularly effective about Cheeps in my opinion is that the tweets drive users to a landing page on, so the airline can measure traffic and sales to the site through this vehicle, producing tangible metrics for evaluation.

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